Health Cash Plans - 7 Million people can't be wrong!

7 million - that's how many people now enjoy the benefits of a health cash plan in the UK. That's more people than have PMI - and the number went up by 2.5% last year alone! Now you can be part of this growing market in health insurance.

Look at the advantages offered by a Health Cash Plan from BHSF...

  • Simple premium structures. No complicated age or sex rating, and no underwriting.
  • Scaleable plans - giving an opportunity for low cost entry and later 'trade up'.
  • Very affordable premiums - starting at just £11 per month, a fraction of the cost of PMI.
  • Everybody can claim - at least half of our policyholders claim cash from us every year!
  • Claiming is easy - simple form sent direct to BHSF and most cheques issued within a few days.
  • Unique cover - our health cash plans cover treatments normally excluded by PMI plans.
  • Stable premiums - alterations are infrequent and no policyholder is ever singled out for an increase becaus of age or claims record.
  • Level commission - paid at 15% every year that a policy is in force on your agency

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