Individual Policies - Frequently asked Questions

The following are common questions regarding Health Cash Plans. Click on the questions to find out the answers.

What is a Health Cash Plan?
Simply put, it is a low cost health insurance. For one premium per month the plan pays benefits towards many health costs, including opticians' and dentists' bills.
Who can join?
Anyone aged 17 or over at the time of application is eligible to be covered. Children can be covered until their 18th birthday.
What if I have an existing health problem?
You will not be able to make claims which relate to that problem for a period of two years, after which it will be reviewed. However, you will be covered for all other benefits. Existing conditions do not include optical and dental.
How do I claim benefit?
Pay your health bill, for example at the dentists, and get a receipt. A claim form can be obtained by calling our helpline number. Complete the form, attach the receipt and send it back. If the claim relates to hospital treatment, take the form with you for the hostpital to sign. Payments will be made directly to you usually within 3 working days. Simple!
Can I claim each benefit, or must I pick just one?
One low-cost premium per month entitles you to claim for all benefits. You are not restricted to one claim per benefit year. You continue making claims until you have reached your benefit limit for that year.
I am never ill! Why should I take out a policy?
Firstly you do not need to be ill to benefit. For example you can claim towards your opticians' and dentists' bill etc, or perhaps a maternity payment. Also remember there are no guarantees when it comes to good health! We all hope that we never need to make claims but if we need to spend time in hospital or need hospital day case surgery, it is reassuring to know that there is financial help available.
It seems too good to be true - what is the catch?
There really is no catch! BHSF is a 'not for profit' organisation and ensures that every insured person receives the best value-for-money health cover possible.